vendredi 31 décembre 2021

3D Modeling i would want to finish.

A strange thing happened this last months... The will of modelisation is back ! As you know it's not my specialization, i'am an animator ! (Yes because now in Video Games you need to be a master in a single speciality). 

But this last month i'd tryed to bring to life few old creations and i exhumed some old stuffs i would like to finish: 3 of my old projects. Because it's my goods resolutions for this year !


1 - I want to remake Draak from Darkstone. So i'd see the topology i created in 1999 and it was a mess.
So i decide to create Draak 2.0 from scratch.

A will Modelise with an enhanced morphology, Texturize, Rig and Animate.
It was the first a will do.

I started with the head.

Draak Head

I will post the progression of DRAAK next days. At the final stage i will create a printable STL 3D model.


2 - I had in my files a project of Android Skeleton... Principe to had a basic structure with all mecanisms to customize it for specialized Androids.
I was thinking it was a very good approach of the human biomecanics and an excellent Rigging exercise.:)


Hands and internals mecanics are missing 


3  - The third project is a Space Ship Cruiser.
For the little story,  it's the "Devotion", a Class 4 Wardog Cruiser in Drones and Space Fighter carrier configuration.
533 meters long because i like big Starships !


It will need lot of works.

samedi 9 octobre 2021

FarCry 6 Contest


Woaw it was a long time!! Yes lot of work on the TU of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
So for the Launch of FarCry 6, i created a picture with Me and my Amigo (Jade).

In fact it's for a little contest in UBISoft to win some goodies So when it sounds "Goodies" i can't resist! I'am not sure to win but it was funny to do !
 It took three and half hour to do it at lunch time and some evenings. BackGround was took from an Artwork from Farcry 6.

Jade in Farcry 6