samedi 26 février 2022

Dragon en pause.

 Bon ben ca devait arriver... Pour le moment j'ai un boulot de dingue et des travaux en cours à la maison... donc Draak est en pause.
Il me reste le déploiement des UV, les Textures et et le Rig/Skinning  à faire.

Encore pas mal de boulot. Mais y'a des urgences que je dois assurer...

mardi 11 janvier 2022

Darkstone Dragon V2.0 - Spikes


- Adding the Spikes on the back.
- Welding the head to the body.
- First pass of geometry refine on Neck.

dimanche 2 janvier 2022

Darkstone Dragon V1.0

 Hello everyone.

So i am working on the new release of Draak...
Here is the 1998 version.

It was full done with 3DS4 on DOS and based on the first Morphology of the InGame Dragon... 

Here is the new Morphology of DRAAK. Body is WIP.

vendredi 31 décembre 2021

3D Modeling i would want to finish.

A strange thing happened this last months... The will of modelisation is back ! As you know it's not my specialization, i'am an animator ! (Yes because now in Video Games you need to be a master in a single speciality). 

But this last month i'd tryed to bring to life few old creations and i exhumed some old stuffs i would like to finish: 3 of my old projects. Because it's my goods resolutions for this year !


1 - I want to remake Draak from Darkstone. So i'd see the topology i created in 1999 and it was a mess.
So i decide to create Draak 2.0 from scratch.

A will Modelise with an enhanced morphology, Texturize, Rig and Animate.
It was the first a will do.

I started with the head.

Draak Head

I will post the progression of DRAAK next days. At the final stage i will create a printable STL 3D model.


2 - I had in my files a project of Android Skeleton... Principe to had a basic structure with all mecanisms to customize it for specialized Androids.
I was thinking it was a very good approach of the human biomecanics and an excellent Rigging exercise.:)


Hands and internals mecanics are missing 


3  - The third project is a Space Ship Cruiser.
For the little story,  it's the "Devotion", a Class 4 Wardog Cruiser in Drones and Space Fighter carrier configuration.
533 meters long because i like big Starships !


It will need lot of works.

samedi 9 octobre 2021

FarCry 6 Contest


Woaw it was a long time!! Yes lot of work on the TU of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
So for the Launch of FarCry 6, i created a picture with Me and my Amigo (Jade).

In fact it's for a little contest in UBISoft to win some goodies So when it sounds "Goodies" i can't resist! I'am not sure to win but it was funny to do !
 It took three and half hour to do it at lunch time and some evenings. BackGround was took from an Artwork from Farcry 6.

Jade in Farcry 6

vendredi 4 octobre 2019

vendredi 10 mai 2019

Ghost Recon: BreakPoint

Here is what i was working thoses last months. Proud of it, and all the technicals stuff i mastered on it.